Tod Browning’s Freaks (1932)

Tod Browning's Freaks (1932)The film was released in 1932 and immediately caused an uproar. If you haven’t seen it, you should. It is not a horror movie, it is not a B-movie. The movie deserves a category of its own. Over the decades it has become a cult film, but it is still provocative in content and execution.

The film deals with the taboo of people with misformities working in a circus as sideshow actors, but most of all it is a love story between two people who were called midgets then and who would now be referred to as ‘little people’.

Somehow Tob Browning managed to cast an enormous variety of people with physical defects. Have a look at this preview of Prince Radian, the living torso lighting a cigarette.

Still, Freaks is far from a freak show.

The only two people who are considered to be ‘normal’ are the bad guys. And the more you get drawn into the movie, the less disturbing the looks of the freaks on center stage become.

But you have to see for yourself.

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